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'December 2022 Newsletter

From the President 


The good news this month is that Berry Bowling Systems have been back to carry out remedial work to our green and by all reports the playing surface is much improved.

Unfortunately however there is evidence that grippo is being used on bowls.This is a practice that will not be tolerated as we don’t wish the mat to be damaged by a few thoughtless individuals. Installing the artificial  green has been a costly exercise and the appropriate action will be taken against anyone observed breaking the rules.

A big thank you to all the guys who leant a hand in rolling back the mat etc.


As this is my last report before Xmas I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and happy New Year.

Have a good one.


Christmas Drinks and Nibbles Sunday 18 December

Please join us for Happy Hours 4.30 to 6.30pm at the clubhouse. Bring $5 pp for catering costs. Drink specials available. Please put your names up on the clubhouse list.

Helpers Required 11 & 12 January

We require as many ladies as possible to help at the Wanaka Classic Men's Fours on 11 and 12 January. Please put your names up on the clubhouse. We are hoping we will be able to roster helpers. Many helpers make light work. Thanks in advance. ... Kate Norman

November Mens Old Mug Tournament

Winners: Frank Ruddiman, Bob McLeary, Phil Davidson

November Women's Ferns

Winners: Robyn Chartres, Bev Mee, Elaine Herbert, Margaret Read. 

Centre Women's 2x4x2 1-5 Pairs


November 2022

Raewyn Hall & Barbara Wilson  

Social Groups Convenors

A busy month with a couple of very large groups at the beginning of the month. The group from Performance Aviation "The Bowling Stones" have joined a team into Trade Bowls. Good luck "Bowling Stones."


Photos by Margaret Young & Barb

Mat Repairs


Photos taken by Dave Minson on Thursday 10 November. Thanks to all the men that helped with rolling the mat on Thursday and again on the Saturday. 

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Coaching "Forcing Shots"

Session on 7th November by Tom and Murray. Metre on shots. Why do them?

  • Adjusts the head to a more favourable position

  • If you miss your bowl is usually still on the rink and behind the head

  • Playing through the head to move the jack

  • Playing to move a bowl

  • If you're down on the head playing through the head gives you a chance


Photos taken by Alister Moore

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Purvis Cup

12 Teams played 2 Bowls Triples on the 17th November. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed the repaired mat.

Winners were Ewan Miller, Marilyn Steel and Alister Moore and the others placed are pictured in the gallery.

Best Wishes to


PIP KIDDEY, AMY SWAIN, BEV MEE, JO STOCK, BARBARA WILSON selected to represent Central Otago against South Otago and Southland in Roxburgh on Friday 2 December 2022



Please support the new initiative from the board and Mark Daniels who is developing the Facebook Page. 
For the members that have Facebook Please click on the link and “like / follow” the page you will then see our content as it’s posted.

Mark Daniels will host a Short 30 mins learning session Friday 2nd December at 12pm at the bowls club. 


If you help the club in catering / bar / organising match’s we would love for you to attend. As we just need to post 1 picture or so a week to make our content interesting. 

Women's Seven's

Played at Clyde 26 & 27 November. A round robin format with 8 teams. 

  1. Queenstown 48 points

  2. Rox / Omakau 36 points

  3. Alexandra 30 points  Wanaka 30 points

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