April 2021

Wellman Tournament Winners

Ethel Templeton, Marg Young, Heather Malcolm 

This was played on Wednesday 7th April on a glorious sunny day with 30 ladies entered. Ten Triples teams were selected by a clubhouse draw.  

Men's Drawn Fours     

Trevor Tovey, Murray Ives, Alan Coupe, Ken Mitchell, Charles Kiewiet    


First time for this event and unfortunately the ‘final’ was not played before Trevor Tovey left Wanaka to live in Nelson.

It was subsequently agreed that Ken Mitchell would be the substitute ‘skip’ of Trevor’s team and the two teams remaining played each other on Tuesday April 6 - and what a good game it was with the win 15-14 against the team: Stu Hurley(s), Scotty Culverwell, Gordon Hall, Norman Matheson


Old Mug Tournament 5 April 2021

Pat Traynor, Owen Wright, Trevor Tattersfield