Stadium Results 2020


Because of Covid-19 the Stadium season was restricted to the period when the country was at Level 1. Consequently there were a number of regular events that were unable to be played including the Studholme Trophy played for 12 Saturdays between 8 different local 'area' teams. It is hoped that all these events can take place in 2021.

Stadium Mx 4s.png

Stadium Mixed Fours 2020

Madeleine Wilson, Richie Muir (s), Alice Turnbull, Bob Steel

Mx Triples.png

Stadium Mixed Triples 2019

Ken Allison, Yvonne Gale,

Bob Steel

Mx Pairs.png
Stadium Mixed Pairs 2020

Heather Malcolm,

Richie Muir

Stadium Mixed Fours 2020 -Hebbard Trophy

Donald Urquhart, Kura Urquhart,

Lulu Roberts, Neville Roberts (Hawea)

Stadium Men's Fours 2020 - Faulks Trophy

Ewan Miller, Don Cameron,

Murray Finn (s), George Cameron

     Edgewater Cup 2020

Life member Delma Guy

presents Richie Muir with

the Edgewater Cup

T v V.png

John Barton Memorial Trophy

Life Member Delma Guy presents the John Barton Memorial Trophy competed for between the

Town and the Village to Brian McMillan (Town)