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Studholme Trophy

​The Studholme Trophy commences on Saturday 8 June 2024 and runs for a total of 12 weeks as usual with the  finals on 24 August.

The Studholme Trophy will be held over 12 Saturday afternoons by teams representing different local suburbs such as  Beacon Point, West Wanaka, Aubrey, Pembroke, Albert Town, Village, Hāwea Gold, Hāwea Blue. The latter two teams are mainly made up of members of the Hāwea Bowling Club, whose members largely integrate into the Wānaka Bowling Club for the winter season.

The Studholme Trophy competition was started in 2006  in memory of well-known Wānaka identity Neil Studholme and has steadily grown in importance over the years, so that every one of the 12 weeks of competition is amazingly supported and, in addition to the 24 players playing on the day, there is always a great crowd of supporters. Competition between teams is always fierce with games often being decided by the last few bowls.

Studholme Trophy 2023 a Huge Success

Local Bowlers gathered together watching and participating in the12th week of the competition at the  finals on Saturday 26 August 2023. I was so sorry I missed all the winter bowls but thanks to Mark Daniels who recorded some great video footage and posted on facebook.

Thanks  Mandy Hardy who posted on Facebook 26th AugustGreat competition Wanaka. Look forward to it every year. The highlight of my winter.

Runners Up: Hawea Blue. Team that played in the Final from Left, Evan Alty, Dave Patterson and  Glenys Palmer (second from right)

Winners: West Wanaka. Third from left, Geoff Thomas, Tim Scurr, and far right Frank Ruddiman

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