Centre Honours

Centre Women's 1-5 Pairs

April 2022

Holly Davies, Jo Stock  


Centre Women's 2x4x2 1-5 Pairs

November 2022

Raewyn Hall & Barbara Wilson  

Centre Mixed Pairs

December 2021:

Richie Muir and Christine Buchanan (Queenstown)

Centre Pairs1-10  

November 2021:

Val Ransom, Marilyn Steel 

Centre Triples

October 2021

Amy Swain (S), Jo Stock and Barbara Wilson

Centre 1-5 Year Singles

February 2022:

Barbara Wilson

Centre Pairs 1-10  December 2020:

Marg Young, Marilyn Steel 

CO Champ Champ Singles

March 2022:

Richie Muir


Centre Mixed Pairs

December 2020:

Richie Muir and Christine Buchanan (Queenstown)

Centre Fours  November 2020:

Richie Muir, Tom Malcolm, Murray Finn, Bob Steel