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The Wanaka Bowling Club was founded by James Faulks in 1926, who also donated the land, which at the time was  a paddock for wagon horses.

The first opening day was 25th. October 1926.

Founder James Faulks won the mens' title in 1930.


The first recorded ladies championship was in 1928, won by Mrs. Jas Faulks, who went on to win the title six times.


The Wanaka Womens Bowling Club was formed in 1939, and had it's own committee until amalgamation with the Men's Club in 1996.


The present clubrooms were opened in 1980, and the indoor Stadium was opened in 1994. This enabled the club to have an all-year bowling programme.


In 2008, because of difficulties in maintaining the quality of the grass green, it was decided to put down an artificial green. This was renewed in 2013 and again in 2021.


The Club continues to flourish, and currently has the largest membership of any club in Otago.

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