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Perfect Bowls with Peter Belliss

I bought my copy on line through Mighty Ape for $35 (June 2021) which includes delivery in NZ.. I recommend it-  Barbara W


Publishers Description

Yes, there really is such a thing as the perfect bowl. And yes, everyone has the potential to bowl it. The perfect bowl is the one that defines and expresses the essence of Belliss' approach to the game - which is that what the mind truly believes, the body inevitably delivers. Perfect Bowls are the kind that Kiwi great Peter Belliss delivered so consistently they won him three world championship titles. And in Perfect Bowls Peter Belliss not only reveals the simple daily mind-training exercises that create unbeatable self-belief, but also brilliantly analyses the modern techniques and tactics that turn that self-belief into inevitable victory. Peter Belliss breaks the game of lawn bowls down into its bare mental and physical components - and then shows you how to put them all together to deliver your own Perfect Bowls.


Bowls by Ian Schuback


I bought my copy on line through Fishpond for $37.55 (June 2021 including delivery) after it was recommended to me by another Wanaka club member. It has some useful information although not quite as easy to read as the Peter Bellis book. But thanks for the recommendation it ia well worth the time to read - Barbara W 

by Ian Schuback

Publishers Description

Shoey lays out the principles that underline the game, providing an insight into not only how the game is played, but also detailing the essential attributes of success and the strategic planning required to deliver the ultimate performance. Shoey's narrative is just as he is on the green: outspoken, flamboyant, more than once controversial but always passionate and committed to his mission.

The insider knowledge that he brings to all levels of bowlers is unparalleled, and his legacy to the sport continues through this book, as does his ongoing commitment to helping others "be the best they can be".A practioner's guide suitable for both lawn bowl coaches and beginners. Inspirational book from one of Australia's greatest bowlers. An invaluable tool for prospective future champions.

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