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Covid 19


The Club has received guidance from Bowls New Zealand with regard to having a vaccinated bowls community.


The Board of the Wanaka Bowling Club have decided to adopt a “Vaccine Certificate Required”  policy  to be observed by all members and visitors to any of the club’s playing and general use facilities (i.e. clubhouse, greens and viewing areas).


Under this policy there are no significant limitations to running our bowling club. Proof of vaccination will be requested.

Wanaka Bowl ing Club close to tourist hub


President Gaye Beattie

2021 Annual Report

Winter Stadium Programme



7pm Edgewater Trophy


9.30am 2x4x2 pairs:

1.15pm 2x4x2 pairs:

7pm Trade Triples Commences 17 May


1.15 pm Triples

7pm Trade Triples Commences 18 May


1.15 pm Triples

7pm Trade Triples Commences 19 May


1pm for 1.15 start Progressive Bowls All Welcome


May Tournaments

14&15 May Mixed Triples

22 May Clyde v Wanaka @ Wanaka POSTPONED

28&29 May Mixed Pairs 

The Wanaka Bowling Club is a very progressive and successful bowling club established in Wanaka in 1926, with a current membership of approximately 180, the 9th biggest club in New Zealand. We are very aware of our place in the community and regularly welcome new members to the club.

Our excellent bowling facilities consist of an outdoor artificial green and an indoor green in our Stadium. This allows bowls to be played throughout the year. The adjoining modern clubhouse is well appointed with bar, kitchen facilities and comfortable lounge area.







We cater both for competitive and social bowlers. For new bowlers there is a range of club bowls you can use until you are ready to buy your own. We can also offer you free lessons with one of our coaches and provide further coaching as part of your membership.

Club members can participate at whatever level they wish and there are membership options to reflect your interest. Regular club events cater for bowlers of all abilities and commitment. Members can also take part in more competitive club championships, inter-club events and events organised by Central Otago Bowls and Bowls NZ.

We also have a lot of fun with regular social events and dinners through the year.

If you are thinking of taking up bowls and would like to have go at this enjoyable sport please get in touch with us at secretary.wanakabowls@gmail.com or phone one of the club coaches listed in Contact Us.

Summer Season
The club welcomes visiting bowlers and those wanting a casual 'roll up'. Visitors are most welcome when there are no bowls scheduled. On arrival go to the outside shed through the middle gate. Before playing, please put your green fee of $5 per person in the envelope provided in the outside shed and put it down the slot in the wall.
Bowls are available for visitors to use and mats and jacks are provided. Please ensure that only flat soled shoes without a heel are worn on the green. This is most important. If you don't have flat soled shoes then you can wear jandals or play in socks or bare feet.
Visiting bowlers are welcome to attend the following weekly bowls sessions. No pre-entry required
• Men's Club Day - Mondays starting at 1.15pm. Enquiries to Alister Moore  027 233 2380 
• Women's Club Day - Normally Wednesdays at 1.15. Enquiries to Val Ransom 443 4314 / 021 1160 724
• Progressive Bowls - Fridays be there before 1pm for 1.15 start. Enquiries to Gordon Hall 022 467 1131
No smoking is allowed on the green. Please also note that the club's liquor licence does not permit any BYO alcohol to be consumed on the premises.
Winter Season
Because of the danger of frost damage, during winter, the outside green can only be used in the afternoon.
Most scheduled winter bowls are played in the Stadium with a pre-entry system being used. For details on how you could get a game please go to Programmes and look at Winter Bowls.
The one exception is Progressive Bowls held on Fridays at 1pm (1.15 start) when visitors are very welcome and no pre-entry is required. Enquiries to Gordon Hall 022 467 1131