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April 2023 Newsletter

From the President.


With the season now drawing to a close and club championships completed I would like to congratulate all winners of their respective competitions.

Wanaka is hosting the Champion of Champion men’s triples and fours this weekend so get along and support your club mates.

The ladies triples and fours  are travelling to Naseby so good luck to them as well.

Congratulations to Bev. Mee and Mark Daniels in winning the Centre 1-5 year singles and to our men’s Saturday Div.2 Pennants teams who ran out the winners for this season.Well done to all involved.

A huge thanks to Mark Daniels for organising and helpers for running a highly successful open day last Sunday.

The day was very well attended and resulted in six new members for the Club.

Many thanks also to Phil Davidson for the many hours he is putting in to upgrade the ramp to the Stadium entrance.It will be a big improvement and much safer.

We are also most grateful to Marg.Young who is stepping down from her role as Booking Officer for our facilities after several years of dedicated service in this very important position along with her assistant Raewyn Robertson.

We are now looking for helpers in this area.

The club has purchased a new 75” smart t.v.for the clubrooms  to enable us to view live streaming of bowls etc.and will be up and running soon.

The closing day of Summer bowls along with prize giving and opening of Stadium bowls will be held on 7thMay at 5 pm with a pot luck dinner.

Please mark your calendar.


We just finished the open day and it was a big success. We had 36 people attend and 6 new members. It was held on Sunday 26th March 1-3:30pm with the first people coming at 12:30. The weather was perfect and the bar was open. People were really impressed with the clubs facilities and the indoor bowling space was a nice surprise.


We had a great team on site  to give a warm welcome as well as some quality bowls coaching. We had a great mix of people attend from the Wanaka community who all really enjoyed themselves. 


Providing the warm welcome and bowls coaching where. 

Alister Moore 

Kathryn Mitchell

Gordon & Raewyn hall

Murry Finn

Mark Daniels 

Todd & Amy Swain 

Sally Angus 

Heather Malcolm 

Stu Hurly 


So a special Thank you to you all. 


Seeing the club through new members eyes makes you appreciate what a wonderful asset we have at Wanaka bowls club. 

Double Trouble

Bev Mee and Mark Daniels putting the spotlight on Wanaka both winning the 1-5 singles in Queenstown on March 12 th.

 Bev won over Lynley Carter of Queenstown and Mark over Ethan Flynn of Hawea. Both games were won by one shot. Wanaka had four women and two men entered in the tournament.

IMG_26661 (1).jpg

Women's Singles

Jo Stock

Men's Triples

Mark Daniels, Murray Finn (s), Todd Swain

Mens Singles:

 Richie Muir

Men's Pairs

Tom Malcolm, Richie Muir (s)

Men's Vet Singles

Tom Malcolm

Men's Fours

Bill Turnbull, Ken Allison, Brett Simpson (Replacement for Nick Inch), Simon Nyhof (s) 

Women's Hodge Trophy

Winners Wednesday 15th March From left Elaine Herbert, Alice Turnbull, Fran Renfrew (Hawea)

Herbert Trophy

Winners of the Club Mixed pairs 16 March: Stu Hurley and Yvonne Gale

Men's Old Mug Winners

From Left:

Richard Gray, KenMuir, Robin Griffiths, John Rich

Member of Interest

One of our older members, Norman Matheson (93) kindly shared this old paper clipping taken at Hollywood racecourse, (Los Angeles) when Sally and Norman met Mr & Mrs Gregory Peck. Incidentally he was past president of the NZ Equestrian Assn in the 1980s.  Has anyone else got something they would like to share ?

Calendar After the Final Men's day on 17 April only Progressive Fridays are scheduled

31 March Friday

1pm Progressive All Welcome

1April Saturday

Champ Champ Triples

2 April Sunday

Champ Champ Fours

3 April Monday

1.15pm Men's Club Day

4 April Tuesday

Women's Interclub Alexandra

5 April Wednesday

Mens Midweek Tourn @ Queenstn

1.15 pm Women's Wellman Tourn 

12 April Wednesday

Mens Pennants (Round7)Arrowtn

1.15 pm Women's Final Clubday

14 April Friday

1pm Progressive All Welcome

17 April Monday

1.15pm Men's Final Club Day 

Women's 70+ Pairs

Played 29 March 2023. Clubhouse draw.

Winners Gina Campbell & Alice Turnbull  

From the Editor:

How exciting it was to meet some new members today at Progressive Bowls. Well done Wanaka Bowling Club with the open day last Sunday. 

Wow. The other Barbara Wilson (from Invercargill Southland) was there too for afternoon tea with grandson Harrison. Hope to see you and husband Alex there again, I feel my name is a bit redundant right now.

So this is Phil and my  40th marriage anniversary. Today 31st. Time for me to say I love this job, it's the best job in the club, but if anyone else wants it please email me. The website and publicity are closely connected and saves a lot of time if you volunteer for both. I feel I'm a bit over committed.  I do Central Otago website as well and quite a lot in Lincoln Bowling Club in the winter. The website platform is WIX. Its a bit harder than facebook but I learnt how to do it off the web and I'm old...... Does that say its easy????

I've added a new part to the newsletter. This time person of interest is Norman Matheson. Next month is.... waiting on more ideas.

Cheers  Barb

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