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Member of Interest

One of our older members, Norman Matheson (93) kindly shared this old paper clipping taken at Hollywood racecourse, (Los Angeles) when Sally and Norman met Mr & Mrs Gregory Peck. Incidentally he was past president of the NZ Equestrian Assn in the 1980s.  Has anyone else got something they would like to share ?

Men's March Old Mug Tournament

Played 6 March 2023


Richard Gray, KenMuir, Robin Griffiths, John Rich

Double Trouble

Bev Mee and Mark Daniels putting the spotlight on Wanaka both winning the 1-5 singles in Queenstown on March 12 th.

 Bev won over Lynley Carter of Queenstown and Mark over Ethan Flynn of Hawea. Both games were won by one shot. Wanaka had four women and two men entered in the tournament.

IMG_26661 (1).jpg

Women's Singles

Jo Stock

Women's Hodge Trophy

Winners Wednesday 15th March From left Elaine Herbert, Alice Turnbull, Fran Renfrew (Hawea)

Herbert Trophy

Winners of the Club Mixed pairs 16 March: Stu Hurley and Yvonne Gale

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