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May 2023 Newsletter

 From the President 


With another Summer season done and dusted I would like to thank all our volunteers who gave up their time for the successful running of the Summer program including trade bowls and social events etc.They can now all have a well deserved break before heading into our Winter program which is commencing slightly later this year. Refer to programme below.

Congratulations to all winners of club and centre competitions.

There has been a re-vamp of zones for for the ever popular Studholme Trophy this year due to the changing nature of our town.

The A.G.M. Is set down for Sat.17th June after the completion of the Studholme Trophy matches that day.

Prior to this everyone will receive the Agenda along with details of positions vacant.

Also don’t forget the pot luck dinner and prize giving for the combined closing of the Summer season and opening of Stadium bowls on 7th May at 5pm.

Finally many thanks to the helpers that turned up to scrape the old paint off the Stadium wall.



Bar Personnel


The Board is seeking any member/members who would be interested in obtaining a Bar Manager's Certificate. 

Our Liquor Licence requires that someone with this qualification should be available, or readily contacted, at all times when the Bar is open.

Paul Matheson, our Bar Manager, is doing a stirling job, but we need other volunteers with certificates to allow us to legally operate if/when Paul is absent.

We have some wonderful people helping with bar duties at the moment - perhaps some of you may be prepared to take a further step and gain a certificate at the Club's expense?

If interested, please contact our House Convenor, Ken Mitchell - Phone 027 443 9596

Winter Bowls

The 2023 winter bowls season commences on Monday 15 May with the Edgewater Trophy.


Studholme Trophy to start on Saturday 10 June and run for a total of 12 weeks as usual with the  semi finals and finals on 19  and 26 August respectively.


Stadium Championship games to be held on Sundays only with the following Sunday being used for finals if necessary.


Stadium Championship and Tournament dates:

Stadium Club Mixed Fours (Clubhouse Draw) 11 June + 18 June (if needed)

Stadium Club Triples: (2 Bowls Clubhouse Draw) 25 June + 2 July (if needed)

Stadium Club Mixed Pairs: (Clubhouse Draw) 9 July + 16 July (if needed)

Mens Fours Tournament: Faulks Trophy (Sponsored by Honda) 8 August

Mixed fours Tournament: Hebbard Trophy  17 August.

All bowls are played in the club's Indoor Stadium with 5 rinks available. Weekly bowls sessions are available to both men and women using a pre-entry system as follows.

Pre-Entry System

In the Stadium there are entry forms for each session. You can only play if you have entered your name on the appropriate sheet. As there is a maximum number that can bowl at a session there may be some people who may be on a waiting list. If you find you cannot play then you must notify the organiser who will then contact the next person on the waiting list.


​Weekly Bowling Programme


7.00pm  - Edgewater Cup Triples



9.30am   2x4x2 Pairs​

7.00pm   Trade Bowls Triples



1.15pm   Triples

7.00pm   Trade Bowls Triples


1.15pm   Triples

7.00pm   Trade Bowls Triples


1.15pm    Progressive Bowls. Be there 1.00pm

(no pre-entry - visitors welcome)


1.15pm    Studholme Trophy 


First Triples Champ of Champs since 2016 / Young Guns Upset.


The Wanaka Men's team of Murray Finn, Todd Swain and Mark Daniels represented Wanaka against 10 other teams from around Central Otago in Wanaka on Saturday 1 April. It was not just the Wanaka crowd but everyone who were excited when our team reached the final after taking out Omakau and Alexandra Districts Club. The men were in fine form playing beautiful draw bowls in the final against Hawea (Kyle  McGowan, Ethan Flynn, Gary Vogel) to take out the match 20-15.

This was the first Championship Open Title for Todd Swain (7 year bowler) and Mark Daniels (4 year bowler) and the first Champion of Champions title for Murray Finn.  

The Wanaka men will now represent Central Otago in the New Zealand Triples playoffs in the Hopes Stadium in Dunedin on the 14-16th July.

Member of Interest


12 years and Counting!!!

You may recognise Helen Allison as Wanaka's former postmistress. She is a somewhat recent member to our club  although her husband Ken is recorded on our honours boards as far back as 1984. When she is not playing bowls Helen is often seen in our kitchen as part of our catering team.

Early in March Helen completed her 12th Cavalcade walking trail. This year it was a 60 km hike over two full days and two half days. Helen described the track she walked as steep and rugged with amazing views in the Ben Nevis through to Millers Flat area.

What's up for Helen next?  The1200 km challenge.   


Wellman Family Tournament

Played 5 April

Nick, Bev and Gilda

Womens 1-5 Pairs Played 15 April

Raewyn Hall & Barbara Wilson

Men's Old Mug Winners

From Left:: Gary Voight, Ken Muir, Terry Outram.


Please come to our potluck tea on Sunday 7 May 5pm. Winter closing and Stadium opening. Partners and stadium members welcome too.

Please take lots of photos. You can post them directly on our Facebook Page (Link on footer) or mail them to me. They may be included in the next newsletter. 

 Bowls for Sale

1 Bowling Arm. A set of ABT Evo Bowls, size 2 Heavy, Black, with a bowling Bag on Wheels. Contact Peter Herbert if interested. 03 4434480 or 027 292 9620


From the Editor:

Someone asked me this month, "Do we really need a website?" My answer was "No, Not really." That's possibly a harsh answer as the website is a celebration of our members and maybe combines us as a club. It contains all sorts of information that most of our members probably don't look at but new members and other people may. . Such as the coaching videos for new members, what's been on, what's coming up etc. It also gives information to locals wanting to host a corporate booking which possibly wouldn't happen without the website. It gives information to casuals wanting to come and play. It's  an information tool for people entering the area and wanting to join, thus a new member drive tool.


I copied the following from the web: I thought it was a good way of thinking but doesn't necessarily require a website or emails.

"When examining the athletes social needs athletes need a sense of love and belonging with their teammates, coaches and other parties like friends and significant others. This feeling with encourage athletes to perform at their highest level and if in a team sport for the team member to work effectively together improving each athletes strengths.

Esteem: As an athlete, a major contribution to motivation and success is their need for respect, admiration and recognition. This means that within their team and audience they must feel as if they are respected and admired to improve motivation. Athletes also need to be rewarded for their accomplishments sometimes with something as simple as a “thank you” or “good job”.

Some statistics:

This last 365 days we had 1865 unique visitors.  A unique visitor is someone who only gets counted once although may visit the website many times.  After the home page the highest number of visitors were on the bookings page at 259 up from 162. After that is the Casuals page and Contact us page. 


Cheers Barb

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