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1 May 2022 Newsletter


Greetings Everyone.

The brief pause between summer and winter play provides a welcome break for our many hard-working volunteers who give of their time and energies for our enjoyment of the game. Probably the busiest group is the Match Committee conveners and their committee members. Apart from providing and running our weekly club day programme, they also undertake the selection of our pennants and interclub teams and transport also. This is not always a straightforward task when many withdrawals, and substitutes are not always easily found. So a big thank you to you all for providing us with a well-organized and fun filled season, Val (women’s convener), Yvonne, Kathryn & Nick.  Fin (Men’s Convener) Tom Malcolm, John Maddison & Pat Traynor, convener men’s club day Alister Moore. Another big thank you to Convener of Progressive Bowls Gordon Hall & his helpers Jim & Pat, who turn out every Friday to organize a great afternoon of bowls. .Another weekly competition is the Trades bowls organized by Stu Hurley and his many helpers. They all do a marvellous job and provide the club with many new memberships. Many thanks to all these volunteers.

With a clash of dates our planned closing summer and opening winter stadium bowls has been cancelled and will now be held at the end of the stadium season / opening summer season.

  • Stadium Bowls programme commences Monday 2nd May as per our handbook and web site. Trade Bowls begins on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 17th, 18th & 19th May at 7pm. Please read thoroughly the section of this newsletter re charges, pre-entry system, & Rules of stadium. For the smooth running of the stadium programme, it is essential that all these are strictly adhered to. Please also make note of who is your controller each week, (they may vary), as you may have to phone them if you are unable to play. You have all had a notice re prepaid cards again available and the process of procuring, but please do not forget to have a few extra dollars to buy a raffle, as this is very much part of our ongoing fund raising towards the clubs many running costs. Again, with COVID still rampant PLEASE ensure you do not attend if you are unwell. Be assured it would affect our ability to even continue the stadium programme if many of the members and or controllers are affected

  • With the Studholme programme, as well as, our programme committee, preparing for next year’s handbook, I urge you all to advise Marilyn Steel of any change of your addresses and or phone numbers ASAP.

  • Although the summer season is finished, I know many of you still want an update on the new green mat, with its ongoing issues still not addressed by the Berry Mat Systems. Stu Hurley reported at the last board meeting he still hadn’t heard from them, re when they can be onsite. As President along with all of the other Board members we are totally frustrated, and a very strong message that the problems need to be sorted immediately is planned as soon as we manage to get them onsite.

  • Please note in your diary Saturday 25th June is the Annual General Meeting starting after completion of Studholme games that day. Prior to this everyone will receive and agenda, plus details of positions vacant. At the last board meeting it was passed to increase the board numbers by two more giving a total of 11 positions, inclusive of office bearers.


I look forward to catching up with all of you during the stadium season, as well as our many Lake Hawea Bowling members who join us regularly.


Kind Wishes Gaye Beattie President




The Wellman Tournament was held on 6 April and was well contested with 10 teams playing 2 bowl triples.  The winning team was Jo Stock, Doris Studholme and Raewyn Hall. 

Our final day was titled “Fun Frolicky Final Day”.  Photos Life member, Delma Guy challenged members to dress up for the day according to the title.  We had an Easter theme with many Easter eggs as incentives and Delma donated prizes for those who dressed up.  Two bowl triples of 12 fun ends were played – each end being different.  The winning team was  Lyn Leary, Helen Allison and Julie Gillan.  The prize for most points on our Ferns days was Helen Allison and Rhonda Hurley was the winner for playing the most interclub days.  The bowls concluded with drinks and nibbles to celebrate the conclusion of the summer season.




Mark Daniels and Frank Ruddiman won the Junior pairs. Website updated on receival of photo.



Congratulations to Jo Stock and Hollie Davies winning the Central Otago Junior Pairs (1-5 years) at Clyde. There was a total of 13 women’s teams in the draw and 10 men's teams playing at Alexandra's RSA.

Wanaka fielded four women's teams and one man’s and provided much of the strength in the women's draw. Three of the teams got through to the semi-finals: Jo Stock & Holly Davies; Bev Mee & Heather Malcolm; Margaret Parker & Barbara Wilson.

First year bowlers and new to the tournament scene Kathryn Liggins and Helen Allison put up an excellent show and took out a win. A credit to the club's "new women's coaching" initiative this season run by Marilyn Steel.



Please look at your Members Handbook Pages 22-27 for the 2022 Stadium Season Programme. The programme will also be on the home page of the website



The charge for members to play in the normal weekly events remains at $5 a day. Non members playing in Trade Bowls nights or in weekly daytime events will be required to pay $8 a session. New prepaid cards will be available.  These cards are for this Winter season only, and are not to be used for Tournament play, including Studholme Trophy. If you do not have a card, then you just need to pay the Controller $5 cash on entry.


Pre-Entry System

• In the Stadium there are entry forms for each session. These are now in place. You can only play if you have entered your name on the appropriate sheet for that week.

• As there is a maximum number that can bowl at a session, and if no place is available, you may put your name on the waiting list and you will automatically be included on the playing list for the following week

• If you are on the playing list and find you cannot play, then you must notify the organiser as soon as possible, who will then contact the next person on the waiting list.

• Please do not put your name on the list in place of someone who has crossed their name out as they will be replaced by the next person on the waiting list.

• If you have put your name on the waiting list, the controller of the session will contact you if a space becomes available.


Rules of Stadium Play

• The following is NOT permitted

(a) Driving a bowl; including the aggressive burning of an end. This is to ensure the safety of other players because of proximity, interfering with play on the next rink.

(b) “Dumping” your bowl at point of release.

(c) Drinks being carried on the green.

• Flat-soled footwear must be worn.

• The jack is placed, not rolled, at the beginning of an end.

• If the front edge of the mat is at full length, the jack should be on the ‘2 metre’ mark.

• If an end is burnt, the jack is re-spotted on the ‘2 metre’ mark.

• A bowl is out of play if it lies in front of the 6 metre rink line, and must be removed



Please could winners ensure a photograph is taken after their match and emailed to This is used on the website and at times may be used for a newspaper article but the photo needs to be of good quality.

Tips as advised by Roy Pilott (current editor of The Wanaka Sun)

  • Take photos in the shade or inside if possible.

  • Watch the background is not cluttered or inappropriate.

  • Photos taken with people facing the sun end up with squinting eyes, shadows and tinted glasses going dark.

  • Photos taken with the camera into the sun are harsh and not recommended.

  • Photos are best taken early morning or late evening outside.

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