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Quick Mixed Singles


2 timed one hour games, first game random draw, second game: winners play winners / losers play losers - also random draw. If necessary players may have to play in threes with three bowls.  $5 entry fee each day.  All entry money paid out as prize money to first 4 players more or less (depending on entries).  Full members only.


Statistics will be collated of everyone who plays. 


ACCORDING to the great Ian Schuback. "If you're really serious about improving your game grab every opportunity to compete in a singles match"


Rules: Placed jack. Winner of end gets 1 point. No practise ends. No marker. No playing on green 30 minutes prior, earlier on day is okay. (Note this is different to Champs rule).


There will be no hospitality people rostered. If a barman wishes to open that's fine. 


Tentative dates; Subject to weather, mat availability, booking of facility by groups, clashes with other events. There will be cancellations. Bookings and club ties take preference. Weather may alter format if transferred to inside.

Sunday 4 September 11am-1.30pm  - 9 Players: 1 Dave; 2 Ross; 3 Gordon; 4 Pip


Sunday 11 Sept   11am-1.30pm- 14 Players: 1=Gordon; Sally; 3 Barbara; 4 Dave; 5 Rae

Sunday 18 Sept    11am-1.30pm - 16 Players: 1 Lyn W; 2 Alister; 3= Pip; Mark; 5 Gordon; 6 Lyn L

Thursday  29th Sept 5pm-7.30pm - 6 Players in the cold and drizzle first game then 8 inside second game due to lateness (charity work of one of our players) So results skewed a bit. 1 Tom; 2 Dave; 3 Jo; 4 Mark

Friday 7 October      5pm-7.30pm- 10 Players 1Barbara; 2 Bev; 3 Dave. Perfect weather

Tuesday 18th October 5pm-7.30pm - 6 Players 1 Mark; 2 Dave; 3 Bev

Further dates will be scheduled when possible.


Reserves: PS:


Barbara Wilson  / Jo Stock



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