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September 2022 Newsletter

Greetings from Rarotonga

Well another winter stadium has drawn to a close.  At the time of writing this I am unaware of the winners of the Studholme Trophy but congratulations  to all winning teams in their respective events.

Special thanks to all volunteers and sponsors who helped to run this vital part of our Club.  Although no events were cancelled due to Covid, numbers were down, in some areas perhaps maybe because of some people being a little “gun shy”. One Monday evening season was cancelled due snow and ice. There will be a review of the programme for next year with possibly a later starting date for the winter season. 

We now look forward to the opening of the summer season on the 11 September, marked with a pot luck tea and prize giving from last season.

Hope the weather has warmed up by the time I return to Wanaka.

Yours In bowling, Tom

Studholme Trophy

Congratulations everyone who played in the Studholme Trophy. There were over 100 members playing in all the 10 rounds. After the semi finals and finals the end result placings were:

Pembroke; Mt Albert; Hawea Blue; Hawea Gold; Meadowstone; Beacon Point; Village; West Wanaka.

Playing in the final for Pembroke were: Ken Allison(s); Don Cameron; Jenny Sawers.

Playing in the final for Mt Albert were: Todd Swain(s); Jo Stock; Bev Mee

Thanks to all the photo Contributions: Raewyn / Gordon Hall, Rhonda Hurley, Kura Uqhuart, Jill Hill

Finals Draw for 27th August

1&2  Pembroke v Mt Albert

3&4 Hawea Gold v Hawea Blue

5&6 Meadowstone v Beacon Point

7&8 Wanaka West v Village

Finals Day. Click on photo then use arrows

Semi Finals Draw

for 20th August

Pembroke v Hawea Blue

Hawea Gold v Mt Albert

Meadowstone v West Wanaka

Beacon Point v Village

Semifinals Day. Click on photo then use arrows

Congratulations to all those who played in the Hebbard Trophy Mixed Fours on Thursday 11th August. 

Winning team was

Tom Malcolm; Heather Malcolm

Kathryn Mitchell; Ken Mitchell (s)

Congratulations to all those who played in the Men's Fours Tournament

Faulks Cup - Sponsored by Honda on 

Tuesday 2nd August.


Winning team was:

Richie Muir(s)

Mark Daniels

Ken McConnell

Ray Harvey

Social Bowling Club Hireage


Hi team of approx 150 Wanaka Bowling club members.

Margaret Young and I work together to manage the social groups bookings and we have accepted 10 - 12 bookings for groups from now till December.


All of these involve bowling and in order to make sure Wanaka Bowling maintains a good standing in the community, and we might attract new members, we go out of our way to ensure it is a fun filled time. We do this by having a volunteer on each rink to show them the basics of how the bowl works and the basics of how a game is played. Amazing how quickly they pick it up!!


So dear members (yes I am buttering you up) we will need your help. I have a list I

have used over the last 4 years or so but it would be good to have you reconfirm your availability and of course we need new people on the list.


I can promise you an hour or so of fun and laughter, the people are here for a good time, and by helping them manage the basics, we are a big part of that.


So email me please!!!!! or txt 0221507680 so I can have a long list to call on with a date and time nearer each event.

Thank You

Click on photo then use arrows. Cardrona end of season August 2022 and a Summer 2022 group

Men's Match Committee - Fin McRae

Entry forms for the men' championships are up on the wall in the shed.

Open fours close on 2nd October. Three rounds will be played on Sunday 9th October.

All others will close on 9th October.

Three rounds of triples will be played on Sunday 16th October.

Any one who enters the open championships and is successful must represent Wanaka in Champ of Champ events.

Wednesday pennants start on 28th September. If available please put names up by Sunday night 25th.

Saturday pennants start on 8th October. Names up by Wednesday lunchtime prior please.

Sheets are on the wall for both competitions.

Women's Match Committee - Val Ransom

The programme has been set by the Match Committee for the season and we hope theladies will enjoy what we have in store for them. When the booklet comes out please read it carefully each week especially noting starting times.


Our Fun Opening Day Lunch is on Wednesday 14th September at 12 noon. In memory of our Life Member, Betty McCormack, who passed away recently at the grand age of 100, it would be fitting if we all dressed as something beginning with “B”. We are having New World Platters for lunch and the cost is $10 with bowls to follow "Journeys Beginning". A sheet will go up in the clubhouse for you to enter your names, which we need for catering purposes OR you can phone me or one of the match committee to enter your name. The match committee comprise Val Ransom, Yvonne Gale, Nick McDonald, Kathryn Mitchell and Jan Allen.


Wednesday 21st September is ordinary club day 1.15pm for 1.30pm.


“Spring into Bowls” is to be held on 22nd September. 10am Morning Tea, 10.30am start. Cost $10. Clubhouse Draw for our members. This is a triples tournament open to other clubs so we can only field a few teams from Wanaka. A sheet will go up prior to our opening day for names. The teams will be drawn from this list.

On the following Wednesday 28th September we will have a Fun Spring Day tournament for our members at 1pm - cost $5.


Our first interclub is on Tuesday 4th October.








Best wishes to Colin Fyfe who is moving back to Christchurch on 2 September. We'll all miss you and thanks for mowing the Bowling Club grass. 



Good Luck Richie Muir for in Scottish Singles and World Pairs and Debbie Jackson of Arrowtown in World Singles 2-4th September. Bowls NZ live streaming Saturday and Sunday including all finals. Tune in or get along to Naenae from the 2nd to the 4th September and see the best PBA players in the country battle it out for a trip to the UK to represent NZ in the World Finals




From Stu Hurley 

Winter trade bowls have been quite successful. One or two hiccups with covid  but teams have managed well.

Would have roughly 70 players who are not members taking part. Hopefully some may choose to join. Thanks to

Val and Jo for their help controlling their evenings and others who assisted with bar duties. Can’t do without them.


Regarding the green all we know is that Berrys are coming for a look sometime probably in the next month.

From Mark Cameron CEO NZ Bowls email 24 August

Very sad to hear of Pete’s passing on the 4th, he was a great Kiwi who had an energy and enthusiasm that I greatly admired.


I received a communication just this morning from a club (Takapuna Bowling Club) saying (amongst other matters) that they were introducing a “Getting Started’ booklet. In their words: “Getting Started” Available: “Getting Started” - Basic Techniques of Lawn Bowls is a 34 page handbook produced by the Wanaka Bowling Club …”

Nice to see that Pete’s efforts are not only admired around the country but are standing the test of time.


Farewell to a wonderful contributor to our New Zealand bowls community.

Mark Cameron Bowls Hour Podcast Episode 29 said  about the bowls You Tube streaming


In the Champion of Champion Fours there was a total of 30,000 unique viewers who watched during that weekend. That is TV's, it doesn't count all the people gathered in different places , clubrooms etc watching.

Mark also said "The easiest way to find what you want to watch is to go directly into You Tube. Search Bowls New Zealand. Click SUBSCRIBE.  In there you will find all the past streams as well as those coming up. Hit "notify" on streams coming up you may want to watch and you will get a notification."

North / South Confrontation

TEAMS AT A GLANCE NORTH VS SOUTH, DUNEDIN SEPTEMBER 10 & 11, 2022. Look forward to some fabulous live streaming on Sky Sport Next and You Tube organised by Bowls NZ.


  • Mark Noble

  • Mike Galloway

  • Tony Grantham

  • Seamus Curtin

  • Selina Goddard

  • Nicole Toomey

  • Leeane Poulson

  • Linda Ralph


  • Tayla Bruce

  • Val Smith

  • Pam Walker

  • Sarah Scott

  • Jonty Horwell

  • Mike Kernaghan

  • Andrew Kelly

  • Kelvin Scott

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