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September 2023 Newsletter

From the President 


The 2023 winter bowling season is all but over with the finals of the Studholme Trophy taking place last week.

Congratulations to the winners West Wanaka who deservedly ran out the winner after leading  throughout the competition.  It was great to see Ray Newell instigator of the Studholme Trophy on hand to present the trophy and prizes. Special thanks to Margaret Parker, Jill Hill and Trevor Tattersfield for the running the ship over the winter.  Also thanks to all area managers and controllers for all mid week competitions.

All that remains to be played now is the mixed fours (2 September) and the semi and final of the mixed pairs.

Trophies  for the stadium championship and Edgewater trophy will be presented at the opening of the summer season on 10 September.


We were also saddened to learn of the passing of Murray Ives recently.  Murray was a highly valued member of our Club for over 20 years.  Quiet and unassuming but a very steady and reliable bowler.  Murray was also one of the first to put his hand up for any working bee around the Club. He will be sadly missed.


We will be welcoming Hawea Bowling Club members to share the use of our green while their own green is under refurbishment.

Finally don’t forget to tune into the World Bowls Championships that is taking place on the Gold Coast over the next couple of weeks.  Go the “Black Jacks”.


From the board: Please read the clarification regarding play opportunities that has been added to the regulations. Click here


 2.30pm 10th September. Come and enjoy a  couple of short friendly games of bowls followed by drinks and nibbles along with presentations for Stadium Championships and Edgewater trophy. Hawea members welcome.

Hebbard Trophy Mixed Fours Played 17 August


A full field of players competed in the Event with a convincing team winning all games and earning 107 points was:- Mark Daniels, Jo Stock, Raewyn & Gordon Hall. Congratulations!
In second place with 3 wins and 85 points was Ken Allison, Richie Muir, Jan Allen & Helen Allison. Well Done!
In third place with 3 wins and a narrow margin of 83 points was Don Urquhart, Jim Cowie, Colleen Carr & Kura Urquhart.


Thank you to all those who entered making this an enjoyable tournament,with a special thank you to the  catering and bar staff. The great day was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Alison &Bruce  Hebbard. On behalf of the WBC, thank you very much.

Ken Mitchell

Studholme Trophy a Huge Success

This Saturday’s games completed an enjoyable and enthusiastically competed 2023 Studholme Trophy tournament. The match between West Wanaka and Hawea Blue, playing for first and second places, was an exciting and very closely contested game. Both teams were “neck and neck”  for most of the match, creeping up by 1, 2 or 3 points for each end scored reaching a score of 16 all after 17th end. West Wanaka nudged ahead on the 18th end to make it 18-16 with the final score being 20-16 to West Wanaka after they scored 1 point on each of the last two ends.

The other three finals matches were not so close, but everyone played well with lots of tight heads on the rink accompanied by good camaraderie and encouragement by fellow players and spectators.


We were honoured to have a visit from Ray Newell, the founder of the tournament, to present the magnificent trophy and all the prizes. Prior to doing so Ray gave a very interesting talk about Neil Studholme and his family, including Neil’s contribution to Wanaka Bowling Club. Ray explained that Neil always encouraged the more experienced bowlers to play with new bowlers to help them develop their skills. After Neil died in 2006, to honour his memory and enthusiasm to give new bowlers the opportunity of playing regularly with more experienced bowlers,  Ray set up an annual tournament comprising teams from the different areas of Wanaka with a view to including all levels of players rotating every week throughout the tournament. Thus the Studholme Trophy started in 2007. Ray emphasised that teams should not be “stacked” at any point of the competition as the purpose was participation, enjoyment and opportunity to improve playing ability rather than winning the trophy.


The evening finished with a delicious pot luck meal. The variety and amount of food was amazing. Many thanks to all you wonderful chefs and also to all our wonderful volunteers throughout the season who have ensured another successful Neil Studholme Memorial Trophy.


Margaret Parker

Studholme Convenor

Runners Up: Hawea Blue. Team that played in the Final from Left, Evan Alty, Dave Patterson and  Glenys Palmer (second from right)

Winners: West Wanaka. Third from left, Geoff Thomas, Tim Scurr, and far right Frank Ruddiman

Faulks Cup Played 8 August

Sponsored by the Honda Store Wanaka with 10 teams. Congratulations the winning team of Don Cameron, Murray Finn, Lowell Croft and Finn McRae. Pictured is Matt from The Wanaka Honda Store presenting skip Don from the winning team.

Corporate Events in August


On August 11, Snowsports brought 40 young ones aged between 13-18 for an enjoyable night hosted by Val and her helpers. 

Then on Sun afternoon/evening 13th August we had a group of 20 odd to celebrate a girl's 30th. Quite a few of them bowled very well and asked Tom  and his crew what costs are involved to join, about Trade Bowls availability etc. Hopefully we'll see them come back soon.

Friday the 18th, we had the Delta (Upper Clutha Linesmen) return as they had heard from their mates how much fun was had last time. Unfortunately their group size was reduced due to emergencies. Thanks to Derek and his team of helpers. We can't manage to run these events without the help of volunteers, and it all adds to the fundraising income to help our club prosper. Thank you to all the helpers, controllers and barmen who give their time to enable these functions.

Kathryn Mitchell


Members who haven't attended for a while might not be aware if our new signage! Thanks to Ewan Miller for organising and Phil Davidson for attaching the structure of our new WBC signage. It's absolutely fabulous. Now hopefully the public will now know where we are.

Trade Bowls Thursday 10 August.

Photo supplied by Graham Brown

Men's Match Convenor


Opening Men's Club Day11th September, 1.15


All men's championship entry sheets are up on the wall in the shed. Entries close for all on 8th October.


Three rounds of fours will be played starting at 9.30am on Sunday 5th November.
Three rounds of Triples will be played starting at
9.30am on Sunday 26th November.
One round of both Fours and Triples will need to be played before that date.
The first round of mid week pennants is on 27th September at Arrowtown.
The first round of Saturday pennants is on 30th September with all games at home.

Women's Match Convenor

Opening Women's Club Day 13th September, 1.15 for 1.30 start, (please bring a plate for afternoon tea)

20th September, Club Day. 1.15 for 1.30 start. ( Bring a friend)

21st September, Spring Into Bowls; 3 bowls triples

26th September, Matt Ecroyd Tournament (details to follow)

27th September .Club Day ( Dress up Spring Fun Day) 1pm start $5.00

28th September ( reserve Spring into bowls day)

Musician Of Interest 

Our stadium convenor,  Trevor  Tattersfield, is a highly talented Trumpeter and Flugelhorn musician.


At the age of 25 years he had a great adventure with the NZ National Band touring in the United States for six months playing classical music all over the country. The Hollywood Bowl, a large top class outdoor theatre was one of the venues.


In later years Trevor played in the Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra and again got to tour for a fortnight in the United States and also Australia.


One of his last achievements was Cofounder and Musical Director of the Queenstown Jazz Orchestra. He was mentioned on the internet as late as February 2023 playing in the Queenstown gardens.


He was leader of "Southern Dixie." Those from Southland will remember "The Vision" and Trevor played in the brass section of the band as photographed in 1980.


Trevor has also been involved in local body politics as councillor for the QLDC. 

 From the Editor

The NZ Bowls Team is currently having a very successful World Bowls Championship in Queensland, The women 12 out of 12 wins and the men 9 out of 12. Sky Sport  is broadcasting finals from 10.30am  2& 3 September and 9& 10 September. 


You can watch Tom Malcolm via YouTube competing in July in the Sunshine Coast Winter Carnival Click here. If you liked the look of this format Queenstown run a similar event on 23 September.

Wanaka is the first Central Otago Club to contribute to the Club News Historical and New on Bowls Central Otago Website.


Please send me anything interesting about bowls or our members.

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