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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Wanaka Bowling Club Inc. will be held on Saturday, 15 June 2024 at 5.30pm in the Clubrooms, following Studholme Trophy play. All members are encouraged to attend.

Click here for full notice.

This weeks rollup. If you want to check out forward calendar items click on the calendar icon on home page or in the menu bar. There are some forward projections of Central Otago dates already loaded however these are subject to alteration at this stage. I will let you know when more dates come to hand.

Corporate Events for May 24

11th May:  The Fit Collective ran a 'fundraiser' for Mental Wellbeing through the Community Networks, unfortunately due to Covid and Cost of Living Expenses, they only managed 34 players when they were expecting up to 100.  Tom and Heather stood in in my absence.  Thank you
24th May:  Southern Land returned with 10 (expected 20) after the Progressive Event.  They find it very entertaining for their staff.  Thank you to Gordon and Raewyn.
There have been quite a few enquiries that we haven't been able to accommodate them, due to clashing with other bowling events and the new bar being constructed and installed.  We look forward to being able to host them all again in the future.

Kathryn Mitchell - Booking Liaison Officer

Studholme Trophy (from Mark Daniels / Stadium Manager)

If you're new to the club or just wondering what all the buzz is about, let us fill you in! The Studholme Trophy kicks off on Saturday, June 8, 2024, and runs for 12 exciting weeks, wrapping up with the grand finals on August 24. This Year the Studholme trophy is proudly sponsored by Harcourts Wanaka.

Picture this: every Saturday afternoon, teams from local suburbs like Beacon Point, West Wanaka, Aubrey, Pembroke, Albert Town, Village, Hāwea Gold, and Hāwea Blue clash in friendly yet fierce competition. The Hāwea Gold and Hāwea Blue teams bring a bit of extra flair, made up mostly of members from the Hāwea Bowling Club who join us at Wānaka Bowling Club for the winter season.

The Studholme Trophy started in 2006 in memory of beloved Wānaka figure Neil Studholme, and it's become a huge deal since then. Every one of the 12 weeks sees fantastic support, with enthusiastic crowds cheering on the 24 players. Games are thrilling, often decided by the final few bowls, so you won't want to miss a single moment.

For those new to the club or as a new team manager you need a refresher, we have attached the following:

Tournament Format:

  • Teams: 3 players per team (preferably mixed), with 3 bowls over 10 ends.

  • Rolling Team Selection Policy: Everyone gets a chance to play—Purposely stacking teams is frowned upon.

  • Playoff Structure: After 10 Saturdays, teams are split into the top 4 and bottom 4 for the final two weeks to crown the overall winner.

  • Game Time: Matches start at 1:15 pm, followed by a social hour.

Did You Know?

Each registered Studholme Trophy member gets a number for the 5 pm $50 prize draw—you must be there to claim the prize!

Team Spirit:

  • Wear your team colors and bring your loudest cheer! Making noise is not just okay; it's encouraged!

  • Keep an ear out for Mark's Monthly reports on Wānaka Radio's Saturday morning sports talk from 10 am.

So, come along, get involved, and be part of the fun, and you'll quickly see why the Studholme Trophy is the talk of the club.

Last year's Winners:

  • Champions: West Wanaka

  • Runners-Up: Hāwea Blue

Now, let's talk about the colorful cross-town rivalries:

  • Beacon Point vs. West Wanaka: This clash is known as the "Battle of the Views." Beacon Point claims they have the best sunsets, but West Wanaka insists their sunrises are unbeatable. Who will reign supreme in the light of day?

  • Aubrey vs. Pembroke: The "Clutha Clash" stems from a rivalry as old as the river itself. Aubrey, buoyed by Mount Iron's strength and the Clutha's flow, faces off against Pembroke, whose essence mirrors the lakeside charm and Pembroke Park's vitality. Who will claim victory in this timeless showdown of nature and community?

  • Albert Town vs. Village: This matchup is called the "Urban Legend Duel." Albert Town residents swear they have the best local legends and pastries, while Village folk believe their tales are taller. On the bowling green, it's all about proving whose folklore has the most flair.

  • Hāwea Gold vs. Hāwea Blue: The "Sibling Rivalry" of the tournament. These two teams from the same club fight it out not just for victory but for family bragging rights. Christmas dinners have never been the same since this rivalry began.

Stadium Mixed Pairs 18 & 19 May 2024

Winners: Raewyn Hall & Tom Malcolm

Runners Up: Pip Kiddey & Ken Muir

Honouring our Champions at our Awards Evening 10 May

Thankyou Sal's Pizza for sponsoring our event.

Click on arrows in gallery to scroll or double click on image itself to see full-size, then scroll. 20 images


Congratulations Most Improved Jnr Woman

Rae Hammond

Honouring our Bowlers at the Central Otago Awards 26 April

"Wanaka was well represented and received its share of awards.  Mark scooped the pool culminating with Junior Player of the Year. 
The meal was really lovely and well presented.  Everybody enjoyed the evening".  Contributed by Heather Malcolm

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